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Caring For and Feeding Wildlife

We take our responsibilities for Wild Life and the Environment very seriously. Living in the Norfolk Fens can be a harsh environment meaning wild birds and animals have a difficult task to survive.

What started as normal feeding of the wild birds in the garden has turned in to a several hours a week operation. We find we are buying Peanuts in 25 kg sacks, and this is mainly to feed the Tit family. Along side this we have the fruit eaters, the Blackbird family, Thrushes and the seed eaters, the Finches family. Doves and Pigeons will eat almost any thing.

We also try and take care of Pheasants and Partridges. We find the local shoots leave a trail of injured birds that seek refuge on our farm. We feed the Pheasants and Partridges all year round through special feeding stations, we hope away from the shoots. These stations consume a large amount of wheat.

We are grateful to Sainsbury’s Supermarket, Kings Lynn for letting us collect out of date supplies, including Bread, Fruit and Vegetables, this goes to help cut the cost of brought in feed. But we still have to buy in Maize, Wheat, Peanuts and Small Seeds, Seed Feeders.

We are not a sanctuary, but find we have animals dumped on us, we have our own peafowl, but numbers have been added to by dumped birds, add to these unwanted Hens and Cockerels, and you can see that the need for feed is increasing.


We now have Deer feeding on the Farm and in the Garden. Deer were never seen in the fens until recent times, but even these are poached in the local area. We are proud to offer them a safe environment should they choose to visit us. These Deer will eat anything, Including my Rose bushes, but fruit and Vegetables along with Maize seems to be their favourite, they are partial to bread. There is a bonus to feeding the bread, as it attracts small mammals, in turn we now have more Owls than ever feeding from the pasture.

We are in need of sheds suitable for Chickens and Peafowl, so that the birds can be kept safe away from foxes, so donations of sheds or timber or any building material are welcome. All shed sizes are welcome. Although we are a farm we only produce Forage so we have to buy in all feeds, including the Wheat, and we travel over 100 miles a week to collect waste food this all costs money.


If you would like to donate to us to help in our work we accept donations using the following account details:
Account number:  769 201 27 Santander Bank
Sort Code: 09 01 27.

We now have an Amazon wish list. If you want to help we would love anything on this list

We accept payments using the following account details:
Account number: 769 201 27 Santander Bank
Sort Code: 09 01 27
We can also take payment over the phone or via email

We accept payment through the Mobile Payment System PAYM
We carry Mobile Chip and Pin Payment Terminals on our delivery vehicles